Painted Generations. Every life has a story to tell. I tell those stories on canvas.
Terri with baby niece

These paintings of past and present generations will be looked at and loved for generations to come.

I love stories. I think most of us do. Because in a well-told story, we lose ourselves. We identify with a character’s needs, dreams, and feelings. We share the discovery, the romance, the struggle and the victory.

Stories are often told with words. Some are written as songs.

But sometimes the stories must be painted, because words are not enough, or the music fades.

I paint these stories on canvas.

In these three portraits...

Hope and love are universally shared in the portrait "My Younger Sister's Baby"...

The need to have "A Minute to Myself, Please" is felt as Kali walks along the shore...

And the sweet sauciness of a beautiful young girl is seen in "Jamie, Dressed Like Mom."


  What stories do you want told?

Give me a photo you love to look at, and I'll tell its story on canvas.

Kali on the beach
Jamie in her mom's sweater and sunglasses