Simple Promise of Spring Renews Our Worlds, Our Purpose

March winds are cold in Northern Ohio along the lower edge of Lake Erie. All of Ohio south of us warms up sooner than we do. Tree buds burst and blossom and grasses turn green about three weeks ahead of us every year.


I look for spring.

Not as in obsessing when the morning brings more frost

or when tree limbs stay brown and bare.

No. I watch as the sun gets up earlier

and pushes apart the cottony skies of soft oranges and lavenders and pinks

and says good night later in the day.

I wait to breathe balmy air

and wear lighter clothes to walk.

I listen to the birds chatter throughout the morning

and watch for the first haze of ochres and deep reds,

the pregnant state of the willows and maple trees.

I know it’s coming — the promise of spring.

And I wonder.

What will the spring awaken in me?

Will I imagine more?

Love more?

Paint and write and tell stories more?

Will ideas gestate and bud, first hazy but full of color and promise,

filling me with renewed purpose

For another season…?

It is my plan — as I look for Spring.

Chris Brogan says There is beauty in simple stories. I agree, so I wrote a simple story…

And today the story is a word painting. :)

How do you look for spring?  Is it a renewal for you? Maybe it’s a call to clean? (More about that later this week.)

Let’s talk (to borrow a phrase from my friend Liz Strauss). Over fresh piping hot coffee. Help yourself.



Simple Promise of Spring Renews Our Worlds, Our Purpose — 11 Comments

  1. I love everything you so poetically said here….up to the cleaning part!!! LOL! The longer and more profoundly dreary the winter is, the more we appreciate the beauty of the rebirth of spring and all that comes back to life then. Every season has its own special beauty, but the contrast between winter and spring is probably the most significant. This year north Florida had its most severe winter in history…..and this spring has become the most beautiful I can ever remember. It’s our reward….thank you, Lord.

  2. Such a good point, Nita. Some of it is your appreciation of all that is “normal” once again, the stability of things as they should be. Some of it is just an art form. The greater the contrast, the more focused the eye.

    I’m so glad your Florida is again as it should be.

    Did you have some coffee, sister dear? Wish you could come and play…

  3. Lisa, what a fun thing to do! I’ll head out with my camera and find some of that “haze” that is the budding of local trees. The first day of spring isn’t usually, but we believe in and hope for the validity of the calendar. :)

    It’s 51 warm degrees this morning. I think it’s finally spring though when 51 degrees feels cold again.

  4. Barb, this is beautiful. In Minnesota, I know spring will eventually come when the ice on the river starts to get thin, then starts to breakup. Day by day, there’s more open water, even though there’s still snow on the ground. The eagles gather over the breaks to fish, a fabulous sight.

    I’ve been in SoCal the last two weeks, going back to MN tomorrow. From what I’ve seen on the weather, the snow should be gone, the fishermen out on the river, the temps in the 50s, and the grandkids and I can go out and play on Friday!

  5. Hi Patricia! It’s so good to see you. I love the breaking of spring… We have ice fields on the Lake where the ice-fishermen dug their holes throughout the coldest months of winter and camped out for several hours at a time, confident the fish would take their bait. And now they too have broken and continue to melt.

    The eagles gathering to fish over the breaks in ice paints such a glorious picture. We have an eagle’s nest on a marsh that runs along the Lake, caught on video in one of our lunch-bars. You make me want to grab the camera and go searching for what they’re up to…

    Travel safely and enjoy those grandbabies!

    And thanks so much for stopping here first. :)

  6. I hope spring brings a renewal of the good feelings I had last spring and summer. I detest the winter, I hate being cold, I hate having to wear all those clothes to not freeze. So, these mild days are wonderful to me (even if I am totally sneezing my head off already), I am geared up with my garden planning and my camera. I’m ready 😉


    Sliloh’s last blog post..I’m So Psychic

  7. Lovely word story. I spent 2 years in high school in Rocky River and you words matched my thoughts about my home there. I just so enjoy the arrival of Spring….my neighbor planted about a 100 crocus last fall in her new house – the squirrels have moved nearly all of those bulbs to my garden and they are stunning this week. I hope my neighbor will not be too angry when she gets home tonight….maybe if I get her some coffee? or sparkling water! Glad I found you

    Patricia’s last blog post..Announcing a Writing Contest – With a Financial Incentive!

  8. Hi Patricia… I LOVE your story of the crocus bulbs. What fun they must be now, playing with colors all over your garden.

    We have squirrels too — thanks to my husband’s planting walnut trees about our yard many years ago. Now he kicks himself, because they chew the framework between the garage doors. Haha! Maybe someday they’ll bring us crocus bulbs.

  9. Hi Juliet — I’ll have to think about the winter words. They get a little stuck about now, since the balmy airs are just promising. But you’ve had some wonderful — and some not so wonderful — warmth where you live while we’ve frozen. :)

    I enjoy the conversation on your blog… thanks for coming by.


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