What it Means to Me to be Named One of Liz Strauss’ Successful and Outstanding Bloggers

It has been my goal for a while to be named one of Liz Strauss’ Successful and Outstanding Bloggers, to be honored with an “S&OB” display badge.

That goal was realized this past week. Thank you, Liz.

I first found Liz’ blog through Bean Fairbanks, my blogging-studio mentor at LVSonline. Bean suggested when I got a bit more established as a blogger, I should apply to Liz to become an SOB.

What? My grandkids might come here!

No, No, It’s not THAT! she assured me.

So I went to see…


and stayed to explore…

Liz Strauss welcomes her readers and invites conversation. She says:

You’re Only a Stranger Once.

I liked that.

She wrote about herself:

I am a writer who uses the language to paint and to play word music, places my heart and head in the spaces, and writes in the hope that one person is better for having read what I wrote.

Hey! I can relate to that! That’s what I do. That’s what I hope for.

So I continued to search… What IS an SOB exactly, I wondered. And liz-dad-register-medthen I read this…

But I found  the real gem that made me a forever fan of Successful-Blog on Liz’ blogging goal page…

She loves her dad: his memory, his legacy, his example.

If you have time, treat yourself to a short story that defines what Liz and Successful-Blog are about.

Liz lives there… on and in her blog, among her blogging community of friends. And she offers treats, what she calls beverages and snacks, in the sidebar.

I have dipped into some of those snacks, from my very first visit. And I keep going back for more. There’s a wealth of information there, including a page of links for new bloggers. Plus new friends to meet in the comment sections, other blogs to visit and try out.

I’ve been writing Over Coffee not quite a year and still feel like I’m just beginning. I come away from the SOB site filled. Never stuffed. Always with plans to return.

I want to be part of a community like that… and am therefore honored to display in my sidebar Liz’ award for Successful and Outstanding Bloggers.

Thank you, Liz…

After you meet Liz and her friends, please come back and I’ll have fresh coffee, ready to read your thoughts. :)



What it Means to Me to be Named One of Liz Strauss’ Successful and Outstanding Bloggers — 13 Comments

  1. You have often spoken about the goals we can set for ourselves as writers/artists. You have set one, and achieved it. Well done! Karol

  2. You really deserve this award, Barb. I come to your blog because it is well written and gracious and inspiring and warm. Your blog reveals a woman of talent and reflection, someone who is a treat to converse with. Congratulations on the recognition!

    Terro’s last blog post..Tales from Higher Education

  3. Congratulations Barb! Well deserved. I think your blog is very like Liz’s, welcoming and generous. And another thing. You seem to do so much. Wherever I go, there’s Barb, encouraging everybody, contributing insightful remarks and thoughtful articles. Not to mention adding inspiring and really beautiful artwork.

    Valerie Beeby’s last blog post..Tiny Cameras

  4. Hi Anita — You are generous. Thank you so much. :)

    Ahhh — well thanks I think, Sonya. I’ll have to run these recipes by my friend who has mastered Indian cuisine for her surgeon-husband, who is from India. Thanks!
    Shammi Kabobs
    Gulab Jamuns

    Thank you Karol! I think I need daily activity goals to feel I’ve accomplished something. Not everyday. But most days. (If my kids call or my hubby asks me for a coffee-shop date though, it all gets put aside for the family times.)

    , I am so grateful for your comment — bless you for saying so! We have a lot in common then…

    Valerie, some day I hope to get to the U.K. I want to meet you face to face and watch you paint on your iPhone. And bring you a treat for saying such nice things about me. :) Thanks, friend.

  5. Hi Helen! Your watercolors at WetCanvas have led me before to your website. I like following your blog because you share process, and I love learning how others work. Congrats on the award in your sidebar…

    Thanks so much for stopping here and leaving a comment. :)

  6. Hi Barbara — thanks for adding us to your weekly reading. I know you’ll love Liz over time and hope you’ll feel the same here.

    You have a new blog started, one I’ll enjoy reading. Kids and family are high on my life-priorities list. My daughter — 39 — said to me yesterday she and her hubby need to live to at least 90 because, from experience, she knows how much her kids will still need them. We talk almost daily…

    From just your first two posts, I see you’re that kind of mom. :)

  7. Ahh Patricia — open the fridge. I keep all shapes and sizes of filtered water bottles for the rest of you. :) (I do drink water too — it’s actually healthier. But don’t say that out loud. Hahaha!

    Thanks so much for coming — I like your blog too! And have a note to myself to think over and write about how I met my honey.

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