What Do You Want to Do In This New Year?

Tidy up. That’s what I want to do. Sort out. Pitch. Give away. Save. Make room for what’s to come. Get rid of the clutter on my desk, in my closets, and in my schedule.

It’s that time of year we think about new goals, shedding pounds, prettying up our homes, wishing folks Happy…  these are at the front of our thoughts well into January.

collage-morning-coffee-croppedAnd so at the beginning of each January, over coffee, I make lists of what I want to do the coming year:

Write more. Write better. Paint more. Paint better. Submit more articles and tutorials. Read more. Customize the Thesis Theme on my blog. Monetize my blog. Feature other artists/writers on my blog.  Visit and read and comment on more blogs. Ratchet up my Twitter and Facebook skills. Start another blog I’ve had in my head for over a year. Start one for the Art League I’m a part of. For my husband, who wants one and wants me to set it up for him. Put together a book that’s been in my head and in my journals for a while. Develop a course. Write guest posts on other blogs………….

I have no shortage of tasks to perform. My problem is an overload of options. I want to tidy up my options without ignoring the possibilities, the opportunities.  How shall I sort them?

By passion? And because I’m pretty good at it?

Which ones shall I pitch? (Lack of passion and/or talent and/or skill.)

Give to someone else to do? (Delegating = efficiency.)

Keep for myself? Leaving room in my week for what’s new? What’s to come?

Among the many blog post suggestions for handling 2010 resolutions, these are some of my favorites:

Alyson Stanfield says Decide What Your Year Will Look Like. I like knowing it’s up to me.

Liz Strauss simplifies. A resolution is a promise to yourself. Keep it. Okay, I can do that.

Mom Grind says: To make New Year’s resolutions that stick, I usually try to make just one resolution each year, then break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks, and follow up every couple of months to see how I’m doing. I like that too.

At Sources of Insight, J.D. Meier says to know your Why for changing a behavior, catch yourself in the Habit of doing things same old, same old, and then choosing your New Response. Boy, I love that.

And then I read this: Ease Back Into the Flow… on Cynthia Morris’ blog Create with Joy and Ease.

All these posts settled me some.

They all vary according to the author. The keeping of resolutions is a personal thing — particular to the personalities  and work-styles of those making them.

I seem to do my best work when I give the day to it. Rather than portioning out my time into hours — whether it’s writing for my blog or creating a painting or writing a painting tutorial or article, or researching for a project — I want the whole day clear of other stuff to develop the thought that inspired my morning.

That may sound idealistic, so, okay. I’m an idealist maybe. But there are always times to fit in the other stuff that’s important to me but doesn’t require a lot of creativity or concentrated thought. There are down times, and I can read, catch up online, shop, meet my kids, friends, grandkids for lunch or coffee. Watch NCIS. :)

How about you? Have you simplified the process of digging into the new year with passion and resolve? What is your process?

Have a cup of coffee, and one of the special hand-wrapped, chocolate-dipped  shortbread cookies Karen Bonaker (founder of and instructor for the Digital Art Academy — and my friend) sent me from Hawaii — yummmmm!

And let’s talk………….



What Do You Want to Do In This New Year? — 10 Comments

  1. Barbara…you sound so much like me! I wish you well and success and happiness.

    Is there any way to post your name at the top of your blog? I read so many that while in the body of the text, it would be a helpful reminder to keep tract of who the author is.

    Hope you had a nice holiday.

    • Thank you so much Lori. Perhaps that is why I read and enjoy your work as well. Like-mindedness. :) And then I aspire to your level of painting!

      I will see how to get my name up top. Thanks for the idea.

      We had a wonderful holiday. Family all live close by and we gather often. So there’s a ton of activity to draw on throughout the year for holiday times. (And a couple of sons-in-law who see humor in the everyday and turn it into live entertainment for the rest of us.) Hope yours was good as well…

  2. Thanks for another thought-provoking post that makes me say, “I feel just like that too!”

    Can I add another happy thought about resolutions? This is from Chris Pirillo, alias Lockergnome. Resolutions are rarely kept, so instead of making resolutions, he sets himself goals. That way he remains free to attain them in whatever way he likes – and free, too, to adapt to circumstances.

  3. Hi Valerie. I do like Chris’ take on resolutions/goals. I see them as goals, too. New pursuits, or continuing pursuits. But with renewed, committed intent.

    My husband does not approach goals the way I do. We all process a little differently, but I get valuable insights from others.

    Thanks. :)

    • Thanks, Vered. I agree — we all approach and process so differently. Goals are something I think about a lot, and on all my marker days (anniversary, birthday, Jan.1 of every year, etc.) I take some alone time to think about what I’m doing and is it taking me where I can become who I want to become?

      You’re so right — those cookies are yummy. I’m sharing what’s left. :) They’re all wrapped though, and stay good for a while. You’re welcome for the link. I subscribe to and read your blog, so it’s an easy link to make.

  4. Hi there, so glad to read your blog and I have added to mine so I can keep up with you. Always like what you write and is always written so well. Keep warm Annette

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