Do We Recognize Opportunities as They Soar Over Us?

I read (and copied it into my journal) a quote from William Blake: “No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.” And the thought struck me: Opportunity is like that bird — high-soaring, inviting us to … Continue reading

How Do You Handle Hurtful Remarks?

It’s universal you know… thinking whatever offensive, hurtful remark gets thrown at us is because of us. It isn’t always… Liz Strauss says to distance ourselves from the event. Her points are excellent — think, think, realize, decide, and think … Continue reading

Do Personality, Clothing Style, Color Tests Really Measure Who We Are?

I love to take tests… personality, color, clothing-style tests — whatever is offered. What I don’t like is that the questions asked often require more than scaled-answer responses offered. You know, the on-a-scale-of kind of answers with no provision for … Continue reading

3 Fears That (Sometimes) Stop Me from Doing What I Love Doing

I love to write and doodle. So why don’t I do more of it? What am I afraid of? And how do I stop the fears and get going again? 1. Fear of Failure… Maybe my written thoughts won’t have … Continue reading